Ways to Study With Me

Discover opportunities to study the healing arts. 

Polarity Therapy Training

In this program, students experience the exciting new paradigm of energy healing as they study the human energy system and see how it influences health and disease.

Graduates are awarded a Certificate of Excellence showing completion &  specialization in the field of Polarity Therapy and will be eligible to apply for national certification through the American Polarity Therapy Association.

Southwest institute of healing arts

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Integrative Cranial Unwinding

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts offers a comprehensive 200-hour Cranial Unwinding program that is based on the research of the brain, spine, dural tube, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The dural tube is a membrane that surrounds the spinal cord; the space between it and the spine, as well as around the brain, is filled with CSF. There is a rhythmic pulsation that keeps the tube and fluid in motion. Holistic practitioners can feel this rhythm, and with very gentle touch of about five grams, can manipulate the ebb and flow which promotes healing on multiple levels, especially through the use of the nervous system.

At the center of this kind of energy work is the motivation to restore balance in the energy field within the neck, spine, and pelvis. By moving the energy, you can removed blockages and restore flow.



Distance Healing Academy

Life Energy Institute presents our Distance Healing Academy offering courses in Quantum based frequency healing skills and technology for the 21st century. Join our seasoned Teaching/Practitioner Staff to own your own Life Energy field of being and discover the tools to align and hold Space for others. This Training is the culmination of over 50 years in the Energy Based Healing Modality world and contemporary evolution. Come join and learn to be clear and hold a pristine space for Healing.

Our ability to tune into people at a distance is called distance healing. Distance healing begins with trusting that we are all connected at a vibrational level. We see ourselves as separate, however, we are really all connected by a universal energy field. When we are not bound by our thoughts and beliefs about normal time and space, working (and being in empathetic resonance) with clients is not bound by distance. The challenge is for the rational mind to accept that it does not make a difference if someone is in front of us, or thousands of miles away (John Beaulieu, 2012)..

All classes will be live and recorded. Upon completion students will receive a Distance Healing Academy certificate from Life Energy Institute.



Mastery Series

MASTERY SERIES for Healing Arts Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Community Builders!!

with Gary Strauss and Jennifer Sanders


We are so excited to announce the Mastery Series for Healing Arts Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Community Builders!!!
This is what we have been waiting for!
*Connect with the best of the best to learn how they achieved and maintained their success in a variety of communities, times, and industries!
*Learn the strategies, ways of relationship, and community development that have generated lasting success, happiness, and fulfillment!
*Each month be exposed and mentored by our industry leaders as they share their path to BECOMING!